Changing your filter(s) increases system life and also improves functionality. We recommend checking your filters monthly and changing your filters every three months. 


Check all your vents (supply and return) in your home or business to keep clear of carpet, pet hair, furniture or any other item's that could reduce air flow. Reduced airflow causes your system to work harder and cost you more on your energy bill. 


Install a programable thermostat to keep your house at a set temperature. Adjust this temperature depending on the seasonal weather.  

Outdoor Units

Make sure your outdoor condenser and/or heat pump stay clear from any kind of debris (trash, weeds, leaves, plants, etc.). Use a low pressure garden hose to wash off the unit once or twice a year or call us to come clean your coils with coil cleaner.  


Having the proper amount of insulation will help save on energy bills. Also, make sure all of your ducts are insulated. Unisulated ducts can lead to sweating in the summer months and loss of heat in the winter months. Sweating can cause a growth of harmful mold and bacteria in your ducts.  


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